Short Track Speed Skating is an Olympic sport that appeals to those who enjoy extreme sport, a rush of adrenaline from speed, being fit and the opportunity for challenge and competition.
In Short Track, four to six skaters race against each other to the finish line, jockeying for position while maintaining speed and balance.  Skaters race on an 111m oval track.  Young children start with 111m, 222m and 333m races while senior events are typically 500m, 1000m and 1500m.  Some short track speed skaters attain speeds of 50km an hour for shorter distances.
There are also team relay events that consist of 4 skaters taking turns racing; the changes are made by skaters pushing each other rather than passing a baton.  Relays are usually 3000m for women and 5000m for men. 
Learn all the basics of Short Track Speed Skating as well as the tactics and techniques from our coaches: Matt Biggs, Gill Taitimu and Emily Clague.  
Become a member of Hauraki Ice Racing Club and you can learn new skills & compete against other clubs and teams in New Zealand and overseas.  Keen skaters with good ability have the opportunity to travel the world representing New Zealand.

Hauraki skaters Jason Clague and Zac Biggs currently represent NZ at World Champs, World Cups and other international events.  

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